Why Maia?

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A scalable digital consulting model, where everyone wins.


Maia Management is the meeting point between professionals and companies to face the digital transformation.

We are a fast growing innovative startup that brings a breath of freshness and innovation to the world of management consulting through the figure of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO), an outsourced “Digital Director”.

Why Maia?

Maia operates through an innovative, registered and validated model, through which we structure a growth process on multiple levels and corporate functions. The agile organizational approach enables flexible project management where the commitment of company resources is limited to the time and roles required, always starting from in-depth analysis and process mapping of the current state of the activities, from which we outline solutions based on real needs of businesses.
The operational implementation of our work is guaranteed by a network of qualified and certified partners.

Furthermore, the flexible remuneration makes it possible not to economically weigh on company budgets, earning when our customers do it on the basis of key results and defined objectives.

Only requirement: want to grow

Maia operates as a platform where companies find a trusted partner for corporate digitalization and professionals from the digital world a path of growth and professional development supported by a team of experts.

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