Digital consultancy for Italian SMEs

il 10/04/2021

What it means to do digital consulting


Doing digital consulting means constantly analyzing the company situation in terms of processes, business, marketing, sales, customer management, technology and corporate culture.

All this therefore cannot be delegated solely to a reality that deals with operations (managing campaigns, using tools …) precisely because they are two different jobs .

I have seen companies dissatisfied with the performance of digital marketing companies because they have been working on standard single activities, such as launching campaigns with the aim of taking in new customers while the company expected to be able to see an overall digital transformation. in the company.

Often this happens not because of a lack of expertise on the part of the digital marketing agency or company but because of an underlying misunderstanding.

The coordination, analysis and internal management work must be carried out by a dedicated figure, which is why, starting from abroad and now in Italy, the figure of the Chief Digital Officer is becoming increasingly decisive.

Maia Management is the first vertical Italian company on the Chief Digital Officer, considering the high demand we have we have been able to create a replicable and scalable model that allows us to follow a defined path, learning from the many experiences we live and drawing from collective intelligence of the numerous Chief Digital Officers that make up our company.


The n ° 1 problem of digital consulting

The main problem faced when starting digital businesses lies in the company’s ability to measure the effectiveness of what it is doing.
As the months go by, costs increase and it is necessary to understand if what is done has or will have a return on investment.

Nobody likes to get to 12 months with nothing done and lots of exits.

In fact, working on digital projects it is common to see results after several months and the result is not always achieved precisely because it is necessary to have the ability to evaluate and experience digital matters in order to evaluate the situation as a whole (construction of processes, acquisition of digital skills for the team ..).

Our company has obviated this great uncertainty by basing the model on a monthly sustainable flat rate and a bonus to achieve real business objectives (Return on investment, number of customers acquired, opening of new markets ..).

In this way we work alongside the company over the long term, earning if the company earns.


What digital consultant does. The work of the Chief Digital Officer

As stated by Observatory on Digital Innovation of SMEs only 64% of companies have a figure dedicated to digital consultancy.
In our opinion, this happens because companies still do not know which resources and figures to insert to start the digital transformation.
There are several managerial figures who can take care of following digital advances such as the Innovation Manager, the Chief Information Manager or the Digital Transformation Manager.

Who to choose then and on what parameters?

If your company is looking for a figure able to understand how to adopt digital to achieve business objectives, the answer for you is the Chief Digital Officer. In fact, this figure has transversal skills and aims to understand which digital strategies to adopt to grow the company digitally, is the person who takes care of the digital strategy. Other figures, such as the Chief Information Officer, on the other hand, have very specific areas.

Due to its wide-ranging nature, the Chief Digital Officer is very suitable for Italian companies that need to grow quickly and in different sectors (marketing, sales, skills, customer management …)

You can also see it by looking for the figure on LinkedIn: for Italy alone we have 7,800 results, in the United States 328,000.

When we started a few years ago there were about a hundred Chief Digital Officers in Italy, today they are growing significantly month after month, especially after the pandemic that has hit the world and that has pushed Italian companies to approach digital.


The Chief Digital Officer he can be hired as an internal Manager while at Maia Management we have an external consultancy approach based on a method that we have built on direct and constant experience with several dozen clients.

In fact, we believe that it is difficult for an individual to face the complexity of digital and corporate business while remaining up-to-date, digital changes day by day. You need a compass to move easily and you need a shared experience.

Fill out the free analysis to understand the digitization level of your company, at the end you can decide to be contacted by one of our Chief Digital Officers to explain what can be done to improve your situation immediately. If not, you will still have an overview of your overall situation.

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