Account based marketing, the evolution of business to business marketing

Scritto da Nicholas Chilese
il 10/04/2021

Account based marketing is one of the most noteworthy innovations in terms of contact generation strategy in the B2B market.

According to this approach, once the target companies, known as accounts, have been identified, tailor-made activities are designed in order to attract and create a relationship with key figures.

The underlying intent of account based marketing revolves around the desire to align the marketing department with the sales team. By doing this, marketing gets closer to sales. Account-based marketing activities are focused on a niche audience, consisting only of prospects who are actually interested and with a high probability of becoming customers in all respects.

As you can easily guess, the potential of an account-based marketing approach is truly considerable. For this reason, in our opinion, it is appropriate to analyze what are the cornerstones of this methodology.

Identify the target audience with maximum clarity

In any marketing strategy, pinpointing the target audience accurately is one of the main key points. Although account based marketing is aimed at companies and not individuals, identifying the buyer personas is of fundamental importance to fully understand the distinctive traits of the people who are part of a specific entrepreneurial reality. By doing this, the messages created are perfectly targeted to the individual needs of prospects.
The target subjects must be identified according to company parameters such as: sector, geographical area, size, according to personal parameters such as role, demographic aspects, skills and behavioral aspects.

Search for prospects

Once the so-called “buyer personas” and the related professional, demographic and behavioral parameters have been identified, we proceed to search for these subjects with the aim of creating a list.
A very useful tool in this sense is represented by Linkedin Sales Navigator, the professional Linkedin platform that enables a detailed search of the target companies and, within these, of the roles with decision-making authority, the so-called “decision maker”.
Through the above tool it is possible to use specific tools to cluster companies and decision makers, monitor their activities on Linkedin and track the evolution of the relationship with them.

Create personalized content

Another key point in account-based marketing is the creation of highly personalized content, however, focused on the entire business reality and not on individual professionals. The intent focuses on the presentation of specific solutions that fully target the actual needs of prospects. Messages must be customized by style of language and content.

Select channels

The channel selection process is crucial. It should therefore be understood which are the places most frequented by potential customers. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are the ones par excellence. Each social network differs from the other by type of subscribers: it follows that the creation of content must be parameterized to the specific peculiarities of the tool. Listening and dialogue are essential to understand the needs and interests of the multiple interlocutors.

Run the account based marketing campaign

After the selection of the target, the creation of targeted content and the choice of ad hoc channels that will serve to convey them, we move on to the execution of the account-based marketing campaign. The primary intent revolves around maintaining a certain coherence: in B2B, in fact, prospects are restricted in numerical terms and one cannot afford the luxury of making mistakes, as is the case in B2C which can count on a number of prospects. far superior. It is necessary to choose well the channel that addresses the correct customers and that the message is of quality and coherent in the strategy.

Evaluate the results of the account based marketing campaign

The sending of messages and personalized communications will result in the initiation of a dialogue aimed at building a relationship.
The return on investment of account based marketing activities is what proves the effectiveness of the campaign. Platforms like Hubspot lend a big hand to the intuitiveness with which they return useful data.


As we have already had the opportunity to assert, strategies focused on account based marketing are considered evolutionary compared to those that revolve around inbound marketing. However, there are several similarities in common: the focus is not on a considerable number of potential customers, but on the identification of a small number of prospects in companies. After that, all marketing and sales resources focus on this small number of individuals with ad hoc strategies and targeted messages.
If inbound marketing pays attention to the creation of original, unique, creative and excellent quality content in order to bring customers to the company, account based marketing is structured individually on individual prospects. The result is that the personalization of content is even greater. In any case, this does not mean that both methods cannot be integrated. In the eventuality, the entire commercial department would derive evident benefits, given that, on the one hand, inbound marketing would allow the definition of lists of potential customers, while account based marketing would represent the ideal pass for the creation of profitable relationships. and long lasting.

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